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Erick’s warm voice is able to tell these stories in an impeccable way, in addition to being the author of these songs, he is also the director of the film that you see in your mind while listening to his songs. Beautiful sounds of guitar and strings, real sounds warm and deep that add even more magic to the sound of this talented artist.
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E.A. Poets
Erick Beau sings with that authentic Americana style that is such a pleasant listen that makes your heart sad but thoughtful.
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A&R Factory
I Found Love in You: This track is a powerful country/folk love song that comes alive with Beau’s heartfelt interpretation.
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Erick's story

Son of an officer in the RCAF, Erick was born on a Canadian air force base in Nova Scotia. He was nurtured in a musical environment led by his mother who initiated his study of violin and later on, he picked up the guitar to write his songs. No novice to live performances, the professionally trained vocalist was, at 12 years old, a member of various bands entertaining his first audiences. Erick signed a production & licensing deal at 18. Rebellious to embrace the Industry's demands, Erick decided to acquire more knowledge and became a lawyer. Putting his musical dreams on a shelf, he followed a more traditional path and kept his passion alive by writing songs, knowing that one day, they would be heard!

Throughout this very difficult choice, Erick has acquired rich and hard earned life experiences, allowing him to write lyrics that tell a story, share emotions and paint a picture of everyday challenges. His musical compositions and sound are influenced by Bach, Elvis, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, Shawn Phillips, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Cat Stevens, U2, Sting, Elton John, Garth Brooks, the Eagles and Keith Urban.

The time has come to take these songs off the shelf! 2021 is his year folks, he is now in the process of launching his debut album "What it takes"! Erick is excited to have released the three first singles of the album: 'Coming Home', 'Waiting For You' and 'I Found Love in You (MJ's Song)'. He feels fortunate to work with Michael Benjoar, Erick Torres and some of the greatest session musicians of Nashville and around the world to celebrate, through their art, the magic of root instruments.

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I Found Love in You (MJ's Song)

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APRIL 23, 2021!


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